Land Navigation Training

“Dude, you’re not lost, you’ve just temporarily misplaced yourself on the planet…”


As we progress deeper and deeper into the information age, literally everything we need is at the touch of a finger (if we’ve got service).  It’s an amazing concept to wrap your head around, and there are an astounding array of benefits to that technology,  but for those that choose to venture off the beaten path reliance on technology can, and eventually will, get you into some serious trouble.


More and more people rely solely on technology when they venture into the unknown as they seek their adventures.  Whether you’re a weekend backpacker, mountaineer, or a backcountry hunter it is absolutely crucial that you possess the ability to always know where you are at any given time.  Technology such as GPS doesn’t always work in every situation we find ourselves in.  Terrain and weather can play a significant role in a GPS receivers ability to locate your position.  GPS receivers also rely on batteries which don’t last forever.  Have you ever seen someone fumble with a GPS and lose it over the edge of a cliff?  We have, and all of those reasons are why we put a heavy emphasis on navigating the old school way with a map and a compass.


Our basic and advanced land navigation courses will get you confident in your ability to venture into the wilds with only a map and a compass and you’ll always know where you came from, where you’re at, and where you’re going, day or night, rain, snow, or shine.

Courses Offered

2-Day Basic Land Navigation Package

2-Day Advanced Land Navigation Package